Radiology And Consumables

Film and Screen

Photo and thermal sensitive film for X-ray imaging diagnostic systems with a wide lineup.


Photo and thermal sensitive film for X-ray imaging diagnostic systems with a wide lineup.

Console Advance

The CONSOLE ADVANCE has been designed and developed to be simpler, more efficient, and more comfortable to use for the Radiographer and to speed up the imaging process making examinations more comfortable for patients.

Cassette and Imaging Plate


Cassette and Imaging Plate for high quality digital images.

Cassette and Imaging Plate

The imaging plate and cassette for high quality digital images.

Dry Imager

Medical imaging dry imager achieves high speed, resolution and function in bright and dry rooms. Products available for high-definition records for mammography.

Drypix Edge

Medical imaging dry imager capable of outputting high-resolution images onto film quickly.

Drypix Smart

A high-resolution dry imager which can support mammography by installing two trays.

Drypix Lite

A desktop sized compact dry imager for effectively utilizing space.

Computed Radiography

It is a system for generating high resolution x-ray images with low radiation.

Prima T

A table-top reader unit with speedy processing and high resolution.

Prima T2

A compactly designed FCR with high resolution and fast processing only Fujifilm can provide.

Prima Tm

A smallest class all-in-one tabletop CR equipped with mammography image reading as standard.


A compact CR where the IP is inserted from above.

Prima II

A compact FCR for clinics that can request an image on one screen.

CT (Computed Tomography)

We provide precise and accurate CTs utilizing our long years of experience with imaging diagnostics.

CT Speedia

A compact CT device with a small burden on patients.

CT Speedia HD

A CT device which can take high quality images in a high-speed scan.

MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)

The MRI Equipment Magnet System

Echelon Smart Plus

High image quality and quiet performance combined with speed.

Echelon TM Smart

Small footprint and cost efficient – without compromising the diagnostic quality and speed.

OASIS TM Velocity

High-Field True Open MRI


An MRI system with easy and efficient workflow to handle your most challenging patients.

X-ray solutions

X-ray systems in the X-ray room.

FDR Visionary Suite

A flagship X-ray system providing advanced applications for diagnosis

FDR Smart X

A X-ray system providing multi-function, high-quality, solutions with various configurations.