Laboratory And Consumables

A Point-of-care Diagnostic Solution


HealthCube SE & XL

A state-of-the-art diagnosis system which can provide results in 1 to 30 minutes for up to 30 tests across various parameters

HealthCube EzDx & My EzDx

Android apps for operator and patients for generation of electronic health records and easy access to reports

HealthCube D+

A web backend for visualization and analytics like disease trends to predict outbreaks 

HealthCube point-of-care diagnostic devices offer the opportunity for increased diagnostic capacity in rural areas and resource-limited settings, or where there is a lack of electricity, technical capacity, manpower and infrastructure. 

Simple To Use

App with pictorial instructions 

Tests using finger-prick blood sample

No manual intervention

Accurate & Reliable

Clinically tested 

CE marked, indicating conformity with health & safety stands of European Union

Certifications from CDSCO & ISO

Technologically Advanced

Platforms for digital reports and analytics

Data stored on secure cloud 

Real time data backup 


Works on power bank

Weighs only 2 kgs

Thoughtfully aggregated, easy to carry


Results in minutes

Instant report generation

Reduces time from diagnosis to treatment



Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, EGG (12 Lead), Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation Temperature

Urine Parameters

Protein, Sugar and Pregnancy

Biochemistry & Hematology

Glucose, Hemoglobin, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, (WBC Differential Count, HbA1C & Lipid Profile test can be performed using additional modules)

Cardiac & Inflammation Markers

Troponin I, D-Dimer, C-Reactive Protein and Procalcitonin

Infectious Diseases

Covid-19 (antibody), Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Typhoid, Syphilis, HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Leptospirosis

Expanding Portfolio of Tests

HealthCube's future road map includes additional tests including a digital stethoscope, testing for Drugs of Abuse, Cancer markers, etc.

Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

Measure and monitor your heart health the traditional with our upper arm blood pressure monitors. Designed to measure an array of heart statistics and remember them, you can keep track of your heart health with ease.


Digital BPM with convenient cuff holder

The modern, user-friendly BPM

The Citizen digital blood pressure monitor is the perfect health companion for monitoring your blood pressure and pulse rates at home. It helps you to manage your blood pressure by providing you with the most accurate readings – the best way to track your health on a daily basis.

Renal Function Meter Analysis

The Renal Function Analysis Meter is intended for the quantitative determination of Uric Acid (UA), Creatinine (CR) and Urea (UR) in capillary blood, venous whole blood, plasma and serum.

Dry Biochemical Meter Analysis

The Dry Biochemical Analysis Meter reads the test strips and displays the concentrations of Total Cholesterol (TC), High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL), Triglycerides (TG), Uric Acid (UA), Creatinine (CR) and Urea (UR). Use this diagram to become familiar with all the parts of the meter.